Which men do women prefer?

What kind of guys do girls like? In most cases, it is believed that women are crazy about alpha males: brutal, broad-shouldered, pumped up. But is it really so? Recent research has shown that powerful biceps are not the only defining parameter. Let’s try to figure out which guys according to statistics girls like, and what qualities the stronger sex needs to develop in oneself On The Streets Of Sydney


What kind of guys do girls like?

Often men unjustly write themselves down as losers, are afraid to approach the beauty and believe that girls focus exclusively on the number of dice on the press. Most don’t even know how to attract a girl’s interest if their appearance is not perfect.

It has been experimentally proved that women are important not in the number of muscles, but in the amount of fat deposits. The less fat, the more interesting and sexy the man is. Thanks to this, the guy with the belly loses to the thin one. Are you surprised? Why is that?

Extra pounds means low immunity. Girls subconsciously believe that overweight men are more likely to get sick.

Previously, additional weight meant the worst hunter — such a “male” did not have the opportunity to get a large amount of food, and lost in battles.

Fat deposits can be associated with genetic abnormalities that are passed on to future children.

As a result, girls unknowingly select beautiful candidates for procreation.

However, this does not mean that obese men have no chance of success. There are girls who love the body more powerful. Since women appreciate not only appearance, but also character. What kind of guys do girls like and what set of qualities should the chosen one possess? Let’s try to figure it out further.

For whom do women dry up? Masculine qualities that will drive almost anyone crazy
The leading role in the selection of a partner is played by one’s own preferences, the guy’s charisma, and testosterone levels. However, 4 of the most interesting male qualities from the point of view of a woman can be noted, these are:

  • confidence
  • power
  • intelligence
  • sense of humor

A man can pump each of these qualities. Constant self-development always puts you one step more than other applicants.

So, women are more likely to prefer a healthy man without excess weight. And at the same time they love charming «nasty» young people or those who know how to make them laugh, regardless of external data.

In general, it is difficult to understand which men women like. By the way, read about how to find out what a woman wants. If you follow the advice, you will become the most desirable man in her eyes. Also check out the section “Ideal love relationships”.

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