Pruning trees

It is great to have your own, well-groomed garden that will delight you with its coolness in the summer heat, its comfort in the spring and good harvests in the fall. Planting trees and various fruit and ornamental plants is only half the battle. Because the garden needs constant care, and trees and shrubs in a timely and correct pruning. By the way, if you need to prune trees, go to https://valeriostreeserviceandmore.com.

Our specialists are engaged in pruning not only fruit trees and shrubs, but also ornamental plants.

The following types of pruning trees and shrubs:

Обрезка деревьев

tree crowning

anti-aging pruning

sanitary pruning

curly haircut

topiary haircut

Let’s consider each type of cropping separately

Crowning of trees. This type of pruning is carried out in order to form the crown of a tree. Set the right direction of growth. On young trees, this type of pruning is carried out in several stages, over two to three years. Each year, one tier of crown is formed. This type of pruning can be combined with sanitary pruning. Croning is carried out, as a rule, in the early spring, before the sap flow begins. The productivity of fruit trees depends on the correctness of this type of pruning.

Обрезка деревьев

Anti-aging pruning of trees is carried out in order to rejuvenate old trees that have ceased to consistently yield crops. Too much pruning can weaken and even “kill” the tree. Therefore, experts recommend conducting this type of trim once a year for two to three years. Anti-aging pruning is best done in winter, during the dormant period of plants, this will significantly reduce stress in trees after pruning.

Sanitary pruning of trees is carried out in order to clean the tree from diseased, old and damaged branches. Sick branches are primarily foci of infection, if they are not removed, then the likelihood of the infection being transferred to healthy branches is quite high. Broken branches are pruned because they pose a potential health hazard to humans or pets, especially in large trees. After all, a broken branch can fall at any time. Old branches that have ceased to bear fruit should be removed. This will increase the intensity of sap flow to young and fruiting branches, positively affect the yield and health of the tree. This type of pruning is carried out in early spring, then you can inspect and see which parts and branches of the tree were damaged in the winter.

Topiary and curly haircut is the creation of processing plants in order to give them pre-conceived shapes or geometric shapes. Very often this type of haircut is used for decorating hedges, creating landscape compositions for decorating home gardens or park areas. This is a whole art. In our country, topiary and curly haircuts are still gaining popularity. To give an example, to create any shape from a plant, a wire frame is created that is worn on a young plant, and as it grows, all excess branches and leaves that go beyond the perimeter of the frame are removed, and so the plant takes on a conceived shape over time.

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